The Three Nations

Delve into a world of gods, dragons and magic...

Rise of Archon

Darius, the God of Light, has abandoned the world.
In his place he left a sword imbued with all his godly powers. But to touch the blade is death. Without the power of the Light, the unity between the Gods is broken.
Darkness creeps back into the Three Nations.
And Archon senses his moment.
Massing and army to the north, he leads his followers in an invasion of the Three Nations.
Antonia and Jurrien gather an army of their own to oppose him, but they are to find the Dark Magicker's arcane powers far exceed their own.
The armies of the Three Nations are shattered in one conclusive battle.
The remnants flee the coming death.
Only one man dares the unthinkable. Thomas, King of Trola, in a moment of desperation, takes up the fabled Sword of Light. Miraculously, he tames its powers.
Uniting its magic with Jurrien and Antonia, they banish Archon from the Three Nations.
Humanity is saved.
For now...

The Sword of Light trilogy

For a century, the Three Nations have known peace. Archon has become but an old tale, a shade spoken of in whispers for sure, but a threat long since forgotten.
But not by the Gods, nor the few Magickers blessed by long life.
The Sword of Light has been passed down through the line of Trolan kings. But unbeknownst at the time, Archon cast a curse upon Thomas. Now their magic is failing, and soon they will no longer be able to wield the Sword.
Without its power, Archon's banishment will end.
Only one hope remains. Thomas had a sister, one untouched by the Dark Magicker's curse. Her descendants are the last with the power to wield the Sword.
But Archon knows this too.
And his hunters are already seeking out the last of their line...

The Legend of the Gods trilogy

After the events of the Sword of Light trilogy, a power vacuum formed amongst the Three Nations.
The Tsar was only too happy to fill that void.
Possessed of terrible power, he now rules the Three Nations with an iron fist.
Magic has been outlawed, its power too dangerous to remain unchecked.
All Magickers must surrender themselves to the crown, or face imprisonment and death.

The Knights of Alana trilogy

A hundred years have passed since the Gods were last seen in the Three Nations. The people whisper that they were destroyed, that the hero Alana has freed them from their divine oppression. Still others worship Alana as a God herself--and are determined to see her work complete.


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