The Swords of Heaven and Hell


A man outside of space and time, Mikael Heaton wakes in a new world. One hostile to his very existence. Offworlders are not welcome in the Seventh Realm. But with his memories veiled in an enigmatic haze, Mikael must defy his physical limitations and forge new alliances if he is to survive. There is power in this world—magic. Impossible, his instincts scream. Here though, its secrets could mean the difference between life and death.

As his journey unfolds, Mikael uncovers pieces of his forgotten past. Tantalizing fragments. Of a world of technological wonders. And a dark secret, one best left buried. A mortal does not simply cut the ties of reality without sacrifice. But there are greater forces at play in the Seventh Realm, and Mikael will need every scrap of cunning and resolve he has at his disposal to outwit them.

Can an Offworlder reforge his destiny in a new world?
Or will the forces beyond the veil crush him before he has the chance?

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☆☆☆☆☆ "This story is amazing. Gripping and mysterious at first, until the plot opens to reveal who the Darkstrider is...Lots of action, suspense, and things to make you wonder will keep your attention from page 1 til the end, with the ending leaving you wanting more!"

- Lisa Hunt


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