The Untamed Isles

The Path Awakens

Untamed Isles

The Path Awakens

On a still and peaceful night, the world shook and light split the sky asunder. The seas parted, an island rose. And beneath the earth, an ancient power stirred.

Zachary Sicario thought he’d finally turned his back on the underworld. For ten years he was content with his cottage in the highlands of Riogachd. But a master thief never truly retires. When Zachary is struck down by a wasting illness, he is left with two options: accept his fate, or return to his criminal past in search of a cure. It isn’t a difficult decision.

But when he goes in search of old contacts, there is only one rumor on their lips. They speak of a mysterious island, of strange lights and disappearing ships, of treasure and riches promised for the first to reach its distant shores. Zach has little interest in trinkets—but there’s another tale, one that whispers of the power to change a man’s fate.

With a secret expedition departing in a matter of days, Zach decides to roll the dice. But he’s not the only one interested in magic. His competition are soldiers and smugglers, noblemen and assassins, all in their prime. And Zachary is far from the man he once was.

Can the master thief beat the odds one last time?


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