The Kingdoms of Humanity

A Fallen World

Divine Beginnings

Centuries ago, mankind lived side by side with the Gods. The world was said to be a paradise. But some amongst humanity envied the Gods' their power. In the dark of night, they stole into the sacred places beneath the earth and stole power for themselves. But such magics were never meant to be held by the hands of mortals. The Tangata were born - insane creatures, intent on the destruction of humanity and their divine allies.

The Fall

Enraged by mankind's treachery and the rise of the Tangata, the Gods took matters into their own hands. They cast down their cities, destroyed the paradise they had built alongside their subjects. The world was plunged into a darkness that would last decades. When the light finally returned, the remnants of humanity crawled from their caves to start again. But while the Gods had retreated to their mountains, mankind were no longer alone.

Descendants of the Fall

Centuries after the Fall, humanity has lifted itself from the mud. But the civilization they have founded is threatened by the rise of the Tangata. For a decade, war has waged between the two species. But the Tangata are faster, stronger. Humanity is loosing. In desperation, they turn to the forbidden secrets of the ancient past. To the secrets of the Gods.


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