The Legends of the Gods

A Complete Fantasy Series

The Three Nations


Book 1

A century since the departure of the Gods, the Three Nations are now united beneath the Tsar. Magic has been outlawed, its power too dangerous to remain unchecked. All Magickers must surrender themselves to the crown, or face imprisonment and death.

Alana's mundane life has just been torn apart by the emergence of her brother's magic. Now they must leave behind everything they’ve ever known and flee – before the Tsar’s Stalkers pick up their trail. Tasked with hunting down renegade Magickers, the merciless hunters will stop at nothing to bring them before the Tsar’s judgement.

As the noose closes around Alana and her brother, disgraced hero Devon finds himself at odds with the law when he picks a fight with the wrong man. The former warrior has set aside his weapons, but now, caught between the renegades and the Stalkers, he is forced to pick a side – the empire, or the innocent.

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Shield of Winter

Book 2

Alana has been captured. She expected an agonizing death to follow, but instead, she now finds herself a guest of the Tsar. Locked away amidst untold wealth and luxury, it isn’t long before she learns the reason she was spared – her entire life has been a lie. Her true identity lurks within, chained by magic, but with promises of untold power. It terrifies her, and yet…she must know the truth.

Meanwhile, ex-soldier Devon plans a fresh rebellion in Trola. But after carving his legend in the blood of their people, he’s a marked man. He’ll have to watch his step if he’s to successfully negotiate the shifting tides of the Trolan cause – and not get himself killed in the process. Either way, failure is not an option, because without an uprising, Alana will be lost to him forever…

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Dawn of War

Book 3

Wounded and alone, Alana has escaped the clutches of the Tsar. She’s determined to forget his world of conquest and dark magic, but fate has other plans. Alana finds herself face-to-face with her grandmother – the one person she loathes even more than the Tsar himself. With his forces closing in, the two must choose whether to tear each other apart, or work together to defy their common enemy.

Meanwhile, Devon stumbles upon Alana’s brother lost in the forest. Taking the boy under his wing, he learns the Tsar needs both siblings to accomplish his grand ambition: to control all magic. Devon is soon forced to make a stand, but can a mortal warrior truly defy the eternal strength of the Tsar?

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